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Sheen & Newman > Special Limited Edition Collector's Series Commemorative Cardinal John Henry Newman Canonization Holy Cards
Special Limited Edition Collector's Series Commemorative Cardinal John Henry Newman Canonization Holy Cards

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On May 15, 2013 Melissa Villalobos prayed through the intercession of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman. Little did she know that her prayer would be answered with the miracle that would both heal her and make him a Saint! A neat thing about her story is that she was in part introduced to and developed a devotion to Cardinal Newman through a holy card that we printed.
You can see the screen shots below that show that our proof # 2088, designed in April of 2011, was the card that she is shown holding in a recent news article documenting the miracle. We thought it would be fitting to make this card design, the one she originally had on her mantle, into Cardinal Newman's Commemorative Canonization Prayer Card. The original card layout on the front is the same as the one we designed back in 2011, with the addition of his Canonization date added on the front and a special new prayer on the back. Scroll below for full details....
Limited Edition Canonization Holy Card measures 3x4 inches 
Printed in gorgeous double sided full color on our super thick card stock
Finished with our signature high gloss coating on front & back
Prayerfully printed in the USA!
Front of Card:
Here is a screen shot of our original proof design # 2088 composed in April 2011:
Here is a screen shot of Mrs. Villalobos holding that same holy card in a recent National Catholic Register article:
Here is an up close screen shot of her holding that special holy card:
You can read all about her amazing & miraculous story that led to Cardinal Newman's Canonization here:
Photos of Mrs. Villalobos were sourced from a recent National Catholic Register article by K.V. Turley dated August 2, 2019 which can be found HERE . Our use of Mrs. Villalobos' photo is in line with best practices attribution protocol and does not represent her endorsement.


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