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Help Promote the New Evangelization!
Renew the World by Faith & Prayer!

Our Country Needs Grace At This Very Critical Moment In Our Nation's History!

We've included a selection of cards to help people pray & renew their hope amid so much conflict & division. In addition to prayers for the country, we've also included cards of Holy Men & Women who lived, worked or died here in the United States & its territories.

To help encourage as many people as possible to pray for our Country, we will automatically double the amount of however many of these prayer cards you order at no additional charge, so you will have extras to hand out. For example if you order 50 cards we will send you 100 cards, if you order 500 cards we will send you 1000, etc...

Commemorative Memorial Holy Cards & Medals Now Available for Pope Benedict XVI. Click HERE to View & Order.

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